Extensive user experience (UX) research and testing with end-users and healthcare professionals helped shape Qcard into a tool that really works.

your 3 amigos

It all starts with 3 types of Qcards... each with their own purpose and colour, making it visually easy to understand and manage your life cues.

Quick Reminder

Helps you remember and complete 1-step things like “take your medication”, “water the plants” or “pay bills”.

Tutorial : How to create a daily medication reminder

Guided Task

Helps you follow through and complete any multi-step task with timely alerts, like doing laundry, cooking a meal or a morning routine.

Tutorial : How to create a laundry task


Helps you remember, prepare and arrive on time for upcoming appointments or events.

Tutorial : How to create an appointment


Just one beep? - well that doesn't work. We'll remind you every minute when a Qcard come due so you can't forget or dismiss it. Qcard will repeatedly notify you of overdue reminders until you reschedule it, mark it complete, or delete it.

shake it

Just before a new thought slips your mind, just ""shake"" your phone to instantly create a new Qcard. Yup, it's that easy ;)

complete it

Can't remember if you took your meds this morning? Don't worry, we’ll keep track of all the things you actually complete so you can always look back and reference it.

send it

call? text? email? ... that's no way to remind someone!?   Send a Qcard instead (attach a list if you like) and get automatically notified when they're done.   Delegate with ease.

Tutorial : How to send a Qcard

um... what day is it?

The current date & time is always displayed along the top, no matter where you are in Qcard, along with a calendar to help you visualize time. And yes, Qcard only displays dates in words - forget the mind bending 02/04/15.

slide it

Unique to Qcard, a creative user interface that maximizes screen real estate, keeps focus on your daily Qcards and puts everything else just a swipe away! Access Favorites, Filters, Lists and Mailboxes... and did we mention it is really cool to use :)


A vital aid in every day living. That's why we've incorporated them in a big way. Attach a list to any Qcard, or create independent re-usable lists, like a grocery list.

star it

Create it once, use it often.

Plus many more features!

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